5 Most Unusual Herbs for Wound Healing

Herbal Wound Healing

Herbal wound healing has been used for – well, for time in memoriam. If you have ever used aloe vera wound care, for example, then you have used an herb to treat a wound as well. Sometimes the home made remedies are the best, otherwise we would not still be using sweet oil to help soothe an earache. Herbal treatments have been around even longer, many of them for centuries, if not millennium. So, we are going to take a look at five very unusual herbs which are used for herbal wound healing.

1. Amalaki


The first is known as Amalaki. You might know it as an Indian gooseberry. This is an effective wound treatment because it has lots of vitamin C, not to mention rich, plentiful antioxidants. Both of these are known to aid the healing process, so you can see why it could be so beneficial.

2. Turmeric


The next unusual herb is one that many of us actually already have, in our kitchens. This is probably true for anyone who spends any amount of time obsessively watching the Food Network. We are talking about turmeric here. It is not only delicious, it is also one of the most powerful herbal wound treatment to be found in nature. It acts as a natural antiseptic, it is an anti inflammatory agent, and it actually speeds up the healing process. In that way, it is quite a bit like aloe vera wound care, in the manner that aloe vera soothes a really wicked sunburn.

3. Schizandra


Schizandra is a very unusual herb indeed. As a wound treatment especially, it is believe to help fight off infections. There is also a belief that it can actually help surgery patients to recover more quickly. This would certainly make it a highly powerful healing agent. It is Chinese in origin. Subscribers to Chinese herbal medicine also claim that it can help with coughing, night sweats, an upset stomach, and that it even acts as a “youth tonic.” It has been compared to Ginseng.

4. Jujube Fruit

Jujube Fruit

Do you like Jujubes? Are they your favorite candy to get at the movies? Well … those delicious candies will not help you heal, but the jujube fruit may. This is not quite an herb, of course, but it is still touted quite highly in the realm of wound healing. It can be found all through Asia. Many people believe that it can heal sore throats and speed up your recovery from different illnesses and injuries. It is said to keep your heart, your liver, and your kidneys healthy, while also acting as a detoxifying agent.

5. Terminalia Chebula

Terminalia Chebula

Last but not least, the final herbal wound healing is an herb indigenous to India known as both Haritak and Terminala Chebula. Not only does this herbal agent heal infected wounds, it is said to be beneficial to people who have asthma as well.

So, if you thought that aloe vera wound care was the only sort of herbal care you would ever use, you might want to consider some of these unusual but highly advantages options.

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