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5 Reasons Why You May Have Stomach Flatulence Problems

Stomach Flatulence
  • Stomach bloating and pain is usually caused by a nuisance of air bubbles produced by our bodies. Intestinal bacteria produces gas during digestion
  • Sugar can be the culprit of your flatulence problems. Sugar sweeteners like sorbitol and fructose will sometimes initiate the uninvited stomach indigestion problems
  • Uncomfortable stomach belching, intestinal gas, and flatulence will easily remind you of your last meal. Certain foods will cause more problems than other with it comes to the digestion process
  • Stomach flatulence due to obstruction may be remedied by including fiber in the diet

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Posted on May 12th, 2009

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Another Cup of Coffee? Caffeine Addiction Symptoms

Caffeine Addiction Symptoms
  • If that first cup of coffee for the day can’t brew quick enough, and you truly believe you cannot possibly begin the morning without it, you may very well be addicted to caffeine
  • When the relentless need for caffeine is clouding your thoughts and giving you the jitters along with a pounding headache, your physical and mental need for a caffeinated drink is definitely present
  • Most often, a caffeine addiction will begin with a specific reason for continuous consumption. College students, for instance, use caffeine to get through nights of homework overload
  • Since caffeine is a drug addiction in its own realm, stopping the intake of caffeinated products comes with its share of withdrawal symptoms as well

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Posted on May 6th, 2009

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5 Most Efficient ways to Boost Your Nutrient Absorption Capability

Nutrient Absorption
  • Even if you try your best to eat the right foods for the best nutrition possible, there may be reasons why those perfect nutrients are not absorbed to their fullest capacity
  • Stress is sometimes difficult to avoid. It will affect the dynamics of nutrient absorption in our bodies
  • Certain medicines will compromise the absorption of nutritious food combinations
  • Caffeine is said to reduce iron absorption by eighty percent
  • It seems that what we eat and what we do have great relevance to how nutrients are absorbed in our bodies

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Posted on May 4th, 2009

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7 Factors Leading to Teeth Discoloration

Healthy Teeth

Teeth discoloration and staining can be caused by a number of different factors, both from inside the tooth as well as from the exterior of the tooth. There are seven causes of teeth discoloration that may be prevented, or treated to minimize and eliminate the disfiguring discoloration of your teeth. Stains may be brown, gray, yellow, or even in the form of spots with different colors present. Factors that can lead to tooth discoloration are listed below.
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Posted on January 27th, 2009

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5 Good Reasons to Choose Skim Milk over Whole Milk

There is a debate raging over skim milk versus whole milk when it comes to milk and other dairy products in your diet. Medical science has shown that skim milk should be used in place of whole milk for a number of reasons.

1. Skim Milk Has Less Fat Than Whole Milk

Skim Milk Has Less Fat Than Whole Milk

Skim milk is milk that has had most of the fat removed. This makes skim milk a better alternative for many reasons with adults. Children should not be given skim milk unless directed by their doctor, because the fats in whole milk are needed for proper growth in children, but for adults this is not true. Replacing whole milk with skim milk can greatly reduce the overall intake of fat in your diet. Because skim milk has very little fat, you will consume much less fat and will prevent weight gain and many medical problems, including heart disease and other vascular conditions caused by the buildup of fat in your blood vessels, arteries, and heart.
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Posted on January 26th, 2009

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Top 10 High Cholesterol Foods to Avoid

High levels of cholesterol in your blood can lead to narrowing and stiffening of the arteries which can increase cardiovascular problems and can increase your risk of suffering from a heart attack or stroke. Remember you should be consuming less than 300 milligrams of cholesterol daily. To help reduce your own cholesterol numbers, you may try to avoid these ten high cholesterol foods.

Let’s start countdown from 10 to 1.

10. Bologna


One of the cholesterol foods you want to avoid is bologna or any type of similar processed meats. Consuming 100 grams of bologna (approximately 4 slices) is going to equal about 62 milligrams of cholesterol. Plus, these processed meats are high in sodium which is also bad for your health.
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Posted on January 22nd, 2009

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Top 10 Healing Benefits of Aloe Vera

1. Healing Burns

Healing Burns

Everyone knows Aloe Vera can heal all sorts of burns. Whether you are suffering from a cooking burn or a sunburn, putting aloe vera gel on the burned area will help stop the burning and promote healing in the skin. Some medical studies have shown that using aloe vera on burns can speed up healing time by days, or even weeks on severe burns.
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Posted on January 20th, 2009

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7 Unhealthy Facts about Caffeinated Soda Drinks

Caffeinated soda drinks have many unhealthy aspects, and should not be used, especially by children. These pop soda drinks are extremely damaging, and should be banned from schools and excluded from a nutritious diet that meets all your nutritional needs, and those of your children. If you are addicted to these beverages, you might start thinking about switching to drinking them in small amounts infrequently.

Caffeinated soda is a very unhealthy beverage for a number of reasons:

High in Caffeine

1. High in Caffeine

One of these is that one soda drink contain large amounts of caffeine, and can have results similar to a cup of coffee. Most people would not dream of giving their child a cup of coffee, but may allow a number of caffeinated soda beverages through the day. Caffeine can be toxic in large amounts, especially in children. Even one pop soda during the day can cause a decrease in attention span, and can cause hyperactivity in children.
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Posted on January 14th, 2009

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