Why You Should Include Echinacea Tea in Your Daily Ration

  • Native Americans have been using Echinacea tea for hundreds of years as a tonic to protect against infectious diseases
  • When a resistance boost is needed, Echinacea tea will provide the protection needed
  • Shorten the duration of your illness by sipping a cup of Echinacea tea or taking Echinacea vitamin
  • Echinacea astragalus promotes tissue regeneration and builds cell immunities, two important factors for cancer patients

Echinacea is an herbal plant traditionally used as an herbal treatment to enhance immune function. This is an herb which has been used for hundreds of years by the Native American Indians. Echinacea tea is made by infusing stems, leaves, flowers, and roots as well in hot water. Echinacea tea is used to reinforce the body with immunities during stressful times, seasonal flu threats, when recovering an injury, or when needing any boost of resistance to infection. Echinacea vitamin or Echinacea extract with vitamin C will also give an extra jolt of resistance to infection.

Echinacea tea is remedial in fighting the common cold or flu. As the Echinacea plugs into action, the immune system is enhanced to fight the culprits of the illness. In combination with vitamin C, Echinacea vitamin along with Echinacea tea will boost resistance and recovery, especially if surrounded by others suffering from a cold or flu. Echinacea extract will work in the same way, protecting the immunities from contagious infection. As proven in various studies, there will be a shorter duration of illness for one drinking Echinacea tea, or taking Echinacea extract or vitamins in comparison to someone who is not consuming the immune boosting remedy.

Echinacea tea is beneficial to treating impurities of the bloods such as septicemia. As with the immune building assets it includes, Echinacea includes antiseptic properties to treat such contaminates.

When suffering from a sore throat due to a cold, one will benefit from sipping on a cup or two of Echinacea tea. As it strengthens the immunity function, duration of an infectious illness such as a sore throat will be greatly reduced.

There are some chronic conditions which also benefit from the consumption of Echinacea tea. The phytochemicals in Echinacea tea will improve immunities for fighting breast cancer and colon cancer. It is used as a tonic during chemotherapy treatments when the blood cells are low. Echinacea astragalus in combination is shown to increase the body’s resistance to infectious disease. Echinacea astragalus will promote tissue regeneration and new cell immunities which provides even more support for cancer patients. Echinacea will also promote immunity properties against conditions such as syphilis and gonorrhea. As a topical treatment, Echinacea will ease eczema and psoriasis as well.

Echinacea will limit the swelling and edema of bruises, sprains, hemorrhoids, and stings from bees and wasps, and even mosquitoes. Consuming Echinacea will benefit connective tissue swelling from cartilage injury. It will also decrease intraocular pressures of glaucoma as well.

Since Echinacea tea includes properties which act as immunity boosters, some may not wait until they are ill before sipping this beneficial tea. Including Echinacea tea in a daily regimen of healthy consumptions will prevent the cold or flu before acquiring the illness in the first place. It will stimulate the activity of the cells known for fighting infections of various natures, especially when friends, family, or coworkers around you are sick. It doesn’t take much to prepare a cup of Echinacea tea. Just a couple of simmered spoonfuls of Echinacea root will provide healthy infection fighting benefits.

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